LiveGood: Affiliate Program and Compensation Plan 

July 20 2023 - Written By Ariana 

Livegood: Earn passive income

Why LiveGood?

LiveGood offers you an opportunity to unleash your earning potential, improve health - and make more money online! Have you had enough with network marketing companies that promise the world but leave you disappointed, with costly products and unfulfilled goals? LiveGood will change everything! Discover a business opportunity worthy of your time and investment with its affordable health and wellness products, dynamic compensation plan and attractive rewards. LiveGood's product offering, business model and compensation plan while learning how joining its rapidly-expanding company can bring financial freedom and improved health benefits for you! Come on board now - it's time to start living well!

High Quality Products

Any new business opportunity will undoubtedly raise questions of quality and legitimacy, LiveGood is no different: This health and wellbeing company was designed to help individuals save on vitamins and food supplements.

LiveGood offers high-quality goods at prices comparable to Costco, making their network marketing company up to 80% less costly than its rivals.

Ben Glitsky is the creator and visionary behind LiveGood. His extensive expertise in digital marketing, network marketing and nutritional products ensures its foundation remains firm; LiveGood has experienced rapid expansion ever since it launched and attracted thousands of new members eager for this accessible business opportunity.

LiveGood Is Legit. Let's Discuss Products

LiveGood is a company specializing in health products, including LiveGood Ultra Magnesium, Organic Super Reds for cardiovascular health and blood circulation & Organic Super Greens supplements that support muscle and nervous function, bone health, the energy production in the body. We also offer sleep and energy patches, which our customers absolutly adore! 

The Ultra Magnesium is an optimal blend of magnesium glycinate, taurinate, and orotate, providing the ideal combination of bioavailability and absorption. We also offer many other quality products, like Multi-Vitamins for women and men, Organic Coffee, CBD Oil (even for pets), as wel as Collagen Powder, with many more on the horizon! Discover the entire high quality selection of supplements here and start saving money!

LiveGood provides a membership program, offering discounted prices on supplements and health products from LiveGood's top quality range - making the products and affiliatle program accessible to people everywhere over the world!

LiveGood's Generous Compensation Plan Offers You To Work from Home 

Are you curious to see how LiveGood can help you make money? With their generous compensation plan, the opportunity can be lucrative indeed. To be a partner or an affiliates of LiveGood, you have to pay $49.95 (one time payment) plus $9.95 monthly membership fees in order to become partners or affiliates and to be eligible to earn commissions through LiveGood.

LifeGood's affiliate program and membership may seem complex to some people but it's actually very simple!

Please allow me to explain:

LiveGood membership allows you to purchase any product in LiveGood shop with discounts of up to 70% at just $9.95 per month or $99.95 annually. While not essential as an affiliate when only buying for yourself, the powerline will deposit some funds directly into your account!

LiveGood as an affiliate: Quick Start Commissions: Receive $25 for every person you refer who signs up as both an affiliate and member for $49.95 (one time payment) and also a membership of $9.95 or $99.95 annualy.

Six Ways to Earn with LiveGood as an affiliate:

  • Weekly Quick Start Commissions: Earn $25 for every person you refer who becomes an affiliate and a LiveGood member for $49.95. This also qualifies you to receive bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep!

  • Matrix commissions: Secure your position in LiveGood's 2x15 matrix, which is rapidly filling up.

  • Matched Bonuses: You can match 50% of your matrix commissions for everyone you sign up and a percentage from their referrals earnings, up to five generations.

  • Retail commissions: Earn half of the difference between a member's price and a retail price when referring a customer to purchase.

  • Influencer bonuses: Affiliates who market products to Retail customers on a large scale can earn up 100% of the difference in prices between Member and Retail.

  • Diamond Bonus: As a reward for your hard work, LiveGood will share 2% of total sales each month.

We can conclude that LiveGood offers a comprehensive compensation program that will allow you to maximize your earning power and achieve financial independence! This is really the fastest way to make money online!

Read more about LiveGood's incredible payplan and get passive income as an affiliate every week and month of your life! 

LiveGood - Top 7 Reasons for Joining ASAP

  1. Leadership: LiveGood's leadership is based on Ben Glitsky's vast experience in health and network marketing.

  2. No requirement for auto-shipment: LiveGood does not require that you purchase expensive products or pay high fees.

  3. Membership is affordable: Join LiveGood for just $9.95 a month and get a discount on all their products.

  4. Advanced Marketing Tools: LiveGood is a marketing and follow-up tool that makes building and growing a global business easier than ever.

  5. Global Opportunities: You are able to create teams and recruit new members globally.

  6. Forced Matrix: LiveGood's Forced Matrix allows members to earn residual income of $2,047 a month without having to enroll a single member!

  7. Affordable, high-quality products: LiveGood provides top-quality health and wellness products that are affordable. This makes it easy for you to spread the word about the products and business opportunity.

Join LiveGood and unlock a world of savings!

LiveGood ranks advancement is unlimited and offers members ample room to grow. Each rank offers its own set of benefits and increased earning potential, so there's always plenty of opportunity at LiveGood!

The sky's the limit for LiveGood Rank advancement

LiveGood offers plenty of room for improvement. Five ranks are available to members: Bronze, Diamond, Platinum, Gold. Each rank has its own benefits and increased earning opportunities. As you rise in the ranks, you will also unlock more advanced matrix pay plans that allow you to gain even greater benefits from your downline's success.

Here is a quick breakdown for each rank, and the required number of active members personally enrolled:

  • Bronze: 2 active personally registered members

  • Silver: 10 active members personally enrolled

  • Gold: 30 active members personally enrolled

  • Platinum: 100 personally registered and active members

  • Diamond: Three separate legs of Platinum affiliates plus a total 2,500 members active in your team

It allows you to create your own future and success! You can build a rewarding and sustainable home-based business by leveraging the simple but powerful LiveGood business model.

The People's Company

We are one of the fastest growing companies in network marketing. More than 1,000 people are joining LiveGood every day! This is the people's company, offering a fair and accessible business opportunity to anyone.

LiveGood's most recent update shows there are currently 600,000 active members (August 2023), worldwide, inside of 8-months of being in business. This growth is faster than Netflix and Amazon, a comparison you can directly make in terms of membership – the key difference being that you earn money here and don't have to sell anything!

Take control of your life with LiveGood

Now is the time to make positive changes in your life! By joining LiveGood, you'll gain access to an array of benefits ranging from financial security and improved health to freedom and more. Don't wait; plan for tomorrow today with the LiveGood Members Club!

Are You Ready for an Epic Adventure With LiveGood?

Take the free tour now, and explore all their incredible services! 

LiveGood may just be the home-based business opportunity you have been looking for! Now is an opportune moment to launch the business as a passive income while you sleep, with fantastic product offerings, generous compensation plans and an environment focused on members putting their wellbeing first. Make an investment in yourself and health by selecting LiveGood!

Let's expand and join us!

You only need to refer 2 people and encourage them to refer 2 more – that's all it takes to get the ball rolling! This is why LiveGood is so effortless; you don't need to sell anything. This is what sets it apart from others!

If you join our team, we will do everything in our power to assist you in building your team through marketing education, tools, and a solid system. We also provide live training sessions featuring various industry leaders, allowing you to ask questions and receive best advice!

Join the LiveGood Revolution now, and start moving toward a brighter future!

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